Family to Family is an idea whose time has come. It is an idea that is in the heart of many homeschoolers needing the encouragement to reach out to people.

Homeschoolers have gone from hiding from school officials in days past to having their own Homeschool Days. But with this recognition, there has not been a concerted effort for them to reach out to others. There are support groups to help those who are actively homeschooling. But for those thinking about homeschooling, there has not been a bridge assuring them help in the transition from public school to homeschool.

Family to Family will become that bridge.

Family to Family will encourage homeschoolers who have homeschooled at least 5 years to reach out and mentor at least one family. They will be encouraged to reach out to a church member, family member or neighbor, to actively encourage them to take that first step into homeschooling.

Through a bi-weekly newsletter, mentors will be encouraged to help prospective homeschooling families through the curriculum maze, by introducing them to the social side of homeschooling, and by providing regular encouragement and counsel. Family to Family’s mentors support new families as they travel the homeschool road with its joys, bumps, discoveries, and exhilaration.